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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Choose Granite?

Granite is a very durable surface, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom counters. Granite is a scratch resistant material and is one of the hardest stones on the planet. Granite makes up 60% of the Earth's upper crust!


Diamonds are used to cut and polish granite along with water to cool the blade. In addition to being hard, granite is also stain-resistant to hot grease and oil when sealed with a silicone-based impregnator.

Where does the granite that you use come from?
The majority of the granite comes from Brazil, India, and Italy. However, there are  granite quarries throughout the world.


Why is some granite more expensive than others?
The answer for this question really relies on a couple of factors.  First, supply and demand. If a particular color has a small quarry and the demand for it is high, then the price tends to jump. Another factor can be where the stone originates from and the 'level' or grade of granite.


Is granite easy to care for?
Granite is fairly easy to care for. Cleaning the surface after using it helps to maintain it.  Do not use any ammonia based cleaning products on granite!

Will my granite countertop break?
With heavy abuse, yes. With normal every day wear and tear, no.

What is etching?
Etching is when acids from items such as lemons, alcohols, and even some cleaning products leave dull spots or rings on a stone.  Granite is a siliceous natural stone and not highly reactive to acids like a marble or a limestone. If your granite is sealed, the sealer may etch.

Can I cut on my granite countertops?
Yes, you can but we do not recommend it. Granite is very hard and will dull your knives. Little slivers of the knife may become embedded in your countertop. This is very noticeable with darker granites.


Will granite chip?
It can. If it chips, it is usually around the sink or near an edge. The chip is usually small and not visible, but, you can feel it. This is easy to repair. A colored epoxy is used to fill in the small area. If you did get a larger chip, save the chip so it can be used to repair your countertop.

Will granite scratch?
No, not usually. The only things that may scratch it are diamonds, other pieces of granite, and some green kitchen scrub pads. Granite can only be scratched by materials which are harder than granite.

Will granite burn?
No, it can withstand heat up to 1200F. You can set hot pots on your granite countertop without worrying about charring or scorching your granite. It is not recommended to place hot pots near seams or joints.

What are seams and do I need them?
Seams are joints where two pieces of stone meet or join together. Granite slabs are very big but larger kitchens may need a seam or two. If you have curves, arches, or really long spans of granite you will usually need seams. 


What is the weight of granite?
The weight of granite depends on its density. The average 3/4" thick granite weighs 13 pounds per square foot, 1 1/4" thick granite weighs around 18 to 20 pounds per square foot, and 2" thick granite weighs about 30 pounds per square foot. The darker stones are usually heavier than the lighter stones.

What is the thickness of a granite countertop?
2 cm =3/4", 3 cm =1 1/4", 3 cm is the preferred thickness for granite countertops.


Will my cabinets support granite countertops?
Most cabinets will as long as they are sturdy. Granite spreads its weight out like a waterbed. Your cabinets may need to be reinforced if they are not sturdy enough.

Do I need underlayment?
Not with 1 1/4" granite. If you plan to use 3/4"- you may. It depends on the type of granite you choose.

What are some of the uses of granite?
It is used on exteriors and interiors of homes and commercial buildings. The most common uses are for headstones and kitchen countertops. Some other examples include: fireplaces, bars, vanities, sinks and shower surrounds.

What is a fabricator?
This is the "granite or stone guy" who measures, cuts, shapes, and polishes the edges of your stone.

Is it necessary to see the stone before ordering it?
This isn't mandatory, but it is wise. Each and every piece of granite is unique. The color tones may be lighter or darker from one slab to the next. The pattern of the stone will also vary.


How do I clean granite countertops?
A mild dish soap and water will work, however, a soap buildup may occur over time if you don't rinse your countertops well. It's best to use products made specifically for stone. 

What are some of the granite countertop colors?
There are hundreds of colors and color combinations. The "groups" of colors are white, black/gray, brown, blue, green, red, pink, yellow, and violet.



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